Dread House Cast of Characters – Urban Hunt

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The Dread House character brief as originally posted by Dave Szulborski:

Ron Daubert: Ron’s World, Puzzle Cards; current webmaster for TT; lives NYC; found the CDs that Vargas left behind, gets involved in the intrigue from there; becomes suspicious that TT is spying on him; goes underground


Charles _____: Cambridge Mental Hospital webmaster. Father was caretaker, then he was. born 1942. Took over CMH 1963. Has disturbing memories, gets confused; his garbled messages spur Ron and Nicole to going to CMH to figure out what’s going on


Ed Vargas/Amanda Graves: old TT webmaster, put messages in autoresponders; webmaster for UM; put encrypted directories from DH files on CDs


IAI webmaster: male, journalist, ends up connecting TOD and IAI killer to same person; eventually connects to CMH; is at CMH for finale; waits outside to stand guard


Dr. Karl Shoemaker: b1940; lives San Francisco; developed DRP


R. Weaver/Nicole Teals: DH webmaster; starts out pretending to be male; is researching the DH fiasco because her brother was on the show and disappeared; found some evidence at CMH; outs ronsworld.org; meets up with Ron halfway through and they go from there; receives dream messages and undergoes DRP


Reed Singleton: DP webmaster; grandchild of Ann Starling; collected & published the DP content


Tara Hutchins: owner of GMH & webmaster; dislikes the negative STF article; uses haunted past to stir up current business; survived an attempt to kill her and her mother because she was not the 7th son


Tomorrow’s Talk characters:
CEO/ President – Mark Robinson
VP of Production – Joseph Silver
VP of Operations – Randall Thomas
Director of Corporate Communications (Press Inquiries) – Lucinda ‘Lucy’ Jenner
Director of Human Resources (Employment) – Sandra Brown
Talent Coordinator (Casting) – Lisa Roman


Dr. J. David Richardson, M.D., Ph.D: webmaster of godmind.com


STF webmaster: publishes an e-zine online with articles on bizarre events


UH Webmaster: runs the website for UH


SS Webmaster: conspiracy theorist


FH webmaster


TU webmaster


BW webmaster


TOD webmaster


BOS webmaster


non-active characters:


Michael: Nicole’s brother, contestant in DH; her motivation for researching what really happened; house destroyed by fire; 7th of 7 sons


IAI/TOD killer: actually members of the seventh sons society, many related so similar in appearance; used same alias to further the illusion


Old Todd: former custodian on CMH, lives in the ruins, hermit


Ann Starling/Beatrice Doe: communicated with the dead and was sent to an asylum; channeled the DP content via dreams


Alexander Steward: one of the original GMH owners; was being badly used by SS to breed 7 sons; killed the daughter born in place of the son he wanted

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