Weekly Tweets

October 30, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • Man puts 5 puppies to sleep in his very own home! http://t.co/3z5XjrJ9 #
  • Dear @EA: "If you have opted out of marketing communications this will be the only email you receive"? You're doing it WRONG! I opted OUT! #
  • Check out the cool experience that Fourth Wall just released – HOME, a Ghost Story: http://t.co/FM0OjhI7 #
  • Awesome puzzle box a man constructed for his girlfriend – http://t.co/Ra5n9hbe #
  • I have spent the last several days contemplating modern plumbing. I have decided I like it. #
  • A Glitch intervention: http://t.co/oNe9SPgV #
  • If I apply for @SXSW press credentials again, remind me to use a throwaway email address because I am SO tired of the press releases. #
  • I don't understand why that's on her chin. http://t.co/o2cwAy2T #
  • What in the what? #rangers #
  • Zombie poodle: http://t.co/QMvibVI8 #

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