Weekly Tweets

December 25, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • Nutcracker with my girls- a yearly tradition. Front row center, woo! #
  • Close enough to see the rub marks on the waist of the Sugar Plum Fairy's costume. #
  • Sopranos singing the descant and handbell choir ringing and Advent hymns. Lovely! #
  • There was a QR code on the church program yesterday. #
  • First day of school vacation. I am ready for this to be the last day of school vacation. #
  • Three pounds of peppermint bark so far (the good kind): http://t.co/HZVoLDZf #
  • In the midst of all the squabbling yesterday, my younger daughter wandered downstairs with a poetry book reading "Gunga Din." #heartthaw #
  • Christmas traditions in other parts of the world: the crapping log! http://t.co/K3xlVJSh #
  • Recommendation for registrar other than godaddy? #
  • "Christmas at Sea," a beautiful, melancholy poem by Robert Louis Stevenson: http://t.co/HTqbHcWj #
  • Because I love arguing with the child until nearly midnight about the fact that she can't leave her boots downstairs. #whendoesschoolstart #
  • A 60 year old unsolved mystery has me fascinated this evening – Australia's Taman Shud case: http://t.co/1eDyFlA8 #
  • TheNatureCompany.biz cleverly waited EIGHT DAYS to ship my order (the day after the Priority Mail shipping deadline for Christmas). Avoid!! #
  • Here's the best part: TheNatureCompany.biz DIDN'T EVEN SEND THE RIGHT THING!! #
  • Nog made, house clean, presents wrapped, hair and toes done, kids currently getting along. Merry Christmas! #
  • "He looks like a pink nightmare." #
  • About to have the prettiest cup of Christmas Eve tea thanks to my Secret Santa! /cc @Pixieyelsraek #

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