Weekly Tweets

October 7, 2012 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • This is a picture of a mommy scorpion. http://t.co/Um8D9S6v #
  • That woman is almost wearing that skirt. #
  • Just read that you can play all through Dishonored without having to kill anyone. Neat! #
  • Woohoo, my iPhone 5 has touched down in the USA! #
  • Two words: steam power. Also, suspension of disbelief. That's three more words. #Revolution #
  • "You can sleep in our room" means "Collect 8 stuffed animals, 3 books, 2 pillows, and 5 blankets to make a kid-nest on the floor." #
  • LTE, I think I love you. #
  • So I've got that going for me. http://t.co/SifD0MEM #
  • Seems I have the iPhone 5 wifi problem. Good thing I cleverly installed my skin and screen protector before checking. #
  • Bram Stoker's Dracula is such an odd movie that it made me not want to read the book for years. Didn't until I read Kostova's The Historian. #
  • Pretty much the entire cast of ST:TNG is coming to Austin for Comic Con in 2 weeks. Squee! But I've not been to one-is it a mob scene? #
  • "So, Momma, whatcha gonna do with your old iPhone?" -both my children. #
  • Through hoodoo magic, have fixed the iPhone 5 wifi bug on my device. Not looking a gift horse in the bandwidth. #
  • Apparently Slenderman is all the rage at my kids' elementary and middle schools. O.O #
  • Listen to a grown man play the Slender game: http://t.co/RsXDTyAK #
  • Mr. Rogers has a Very Special Message for you: http://t.co/veRP0uj4 #
  • Maybe I'm being gaslit. I just don't know. #
  • Clearly someone is breaking into my house at night and planting moths in the pantry. Because there is NOTHING THERE for moths to live in! #
  • David Bowie was a prophet. There really ARE spiders on Mars. http://t.co/1ZYHf94W #
  • People still fax? #
  • Instantly archive a website via a third party service for future reference. Handy! http://t.co/pScC55Rs #
  • Computer made v. unhappy disk grindy noises. Double backing up. 🙁 #

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