October 11, 2002 - 2:47 am 5 Comments

Thanks, all, for your well wishes. The surgery went well, and it’s just a waiting game to see if it actually did any good. Hub’s doing much better, but he’s still feeling a little puny.

I’m pissed off at the weather forecasters who promised us a cold front at the end of last week. You hear me, weather men? I’m waiting! I want my frigging cold front! Now now now!

Screw the $3mil Neiman Marcus Christmas present this year. I just want the $5000 sewing machine. It’s sexy.

I’ve completed my 144 blocks, and just have to sew them all together.

Does the movie version of The Mangler have anything at all to do with the short story? I didn’t think so.

5 Responses to “Ping”

  1. kirkm Says:

    HEY betty crocker!?!?!?

    you saying that a sewing machine is sexy is scaring me alot!

    love brother

  2. steph Says:

    Dear Non-Denominational Winter Holiday Figure,
    I would really really really really really really like to have the $3mil Andy Warhol portrait set. I have been a really good girl and I am deserved it.
    Thanks a bunch!

  3. JenBen Says:

    I hope you heal quickly and without complication! 🙂

  4. Kenneth Says:

    You’re welcome to our cold front.


  5. pie Says:

    I hope your recovery goes quickly and well =)

    As for The Mangler – I’ve found that very few Stephen King stories translate well to the big screen (or small screen)… I generally avoid them cos they ruin the books for me, with a few exceptions like The Shining, Carrie and Firestarter.