Busy, busy, busy

November 14, 2002 - 9:17 pm 1 Comment

Which book is it where “Busy, busy, busy” is a code phrase for something? It’s either Tom Robbins or Kurt Vonnegut. Anyway, it’s true here.

Last Friday, my friend and her baby came over to play and have dinner. Then M.S. came in with her friend to spend the night and get tattoos. And yes, they are huge – but pretty. I personally don’t get the concept of tattoos, but I do have pierced ears so I guess permanent body modifications (other than the yards of stretch marks pregnancy gives you) aren’t beyond my ken.

Sunday we recovered, then Monday I went to San Antonio for the day to run some errands with my brother. Tuesday was Wound Care Day, then Wednesday my friend came back over with her baby and we hung out all day. My year-old was totally unruly and screamy all day, and after noticing the drool and finger chewing I noticed that she was cutting a molar and her gum was really inflamed and bleeding on top of it, so we’ve fed her some Motrin and today it’s like we have a whole new baby.

Tomorrow my nephew comes to spend the weekend, then next week we’re going to take the kids to visit their grandparents, then next weekend we go to the ranch, then back home, then to Houston for Thanksgiving, then back down to the ranch again.

Thank goodness we never bothered to take down the Christmas lights on the trees last year.

The three year old is officially a Krispy Kreme addict. She’s had three doughnuts since dinner and is begging for more. Also, today she decided that she’d rather watch Gone With the Wind than The Wizard of Oz. Not the best movie choice, I guess, since she was confused at the point where Scarlett shot the bad Yankee man, but I digress.

I got three packages today in the mail. I love eBay.

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  1. Kenneth Says:

    It’s Kurt Vonnegut’s *Cat’s Cradle*. Fantastic book.

    It’s said by the same guy who coins the word “granfalloon”.