May 16, 2003 - 10:03 pm 4 Comments

Hub and I got laptops at CompUSA on Valentine’s Day this year. We bought $600 worth of extended warranties on the urging of the sales droid, who told us that if anything at all were to happen to the laptop or the screen, we could just bring it in and they would replace it on the spot at the store. Great!

Well my hard drive’s acting funny, making weird noises and not accessing data, and we’re leaving on Monday for Las Vegas and I don’t want to be without a computer, so I pack it all up and hub takes it in to CompUSA to replace it. Turns out the sales droid lied about the replacement thing; they have to check it in and try to repair it first. The manager of the store said to take it up with the store we bought it from, and said if it didn’t work that we should just take it out to the parking lot and smash the screen and then take it back in to get replaced.

Upon reading the fine print it turns out the manager lied to us as well, since screen damage by misuse or transportation isn’t covered.

I called the Houston Apple store who was sympathetic but also unable to replace the unit.

You can rest assured that we are going to get our $600 in “extended warranty” charged back. And we’re not buying from CompUSA anymore.

The worst part is that I backed up my hard drive and wiped it this afternoon, so now to use it again I have to copy everything back over to a hard drive that may or may not work.

4 Responses to “CompUSAsshole”

  1. steph Says:

    i absolutely detest compUSA. i’ve never experienced such a lack of customer service there, and any store that charges a 15% restocking fee gets low marks in my book. i think they’re ridiculous. good luck with your extended warranties 🙂

  2. Dave Says:

    let me guess…


    Been there. Get this. I sent my iBook in to Apple to get the 30 GB hard drive repaired…

    They sent it back working fine… with a brand new 20 GB hard drive!!!

    Ummm… hello? 10 gigabytes of storage, lost in space.

    I’m still dealing with THAT one.


  3. Brian Says:

    Is it possible to wipe a hard drive without buying a program? I have a HP Pavilion (purchased at the dreaded CompUSA). I’ve already taken said computer in to have them replace the hard drive which mysteriously up and died one day. This was fortunately under warranty. Now the new hard drive is having schizo problems, but is no longer under warranty. I thought I’d give it one more chance by giving it a lobotomy. If that doesn’t work….Hello Macintosh!


  4. Will Says:

    I bought a printer/scanner/copier at CompUSA and took it to my office and spent the next 6 hours trying to get the scanner to work. I finally boxed it up and took it back to the store. Tbe “customer service” person asked me “is it defective?” I responded “it didn’t work.” Her response back to me was “then it wasn’t defective,” after which I was told about the 15% open box fee. I argued with the manager to no avail. CompUSA was completely willing to lose my future business over an $80.25 open box fee. Their choice.