October 13, 2003 - 5:45 pm 3 Comments

I know how much y’all love it when I post critter pictures. Hub found this in his sink upstairs. Click it for a bigger version.

That’s a brown recluse, albeit a small one. It’s really not a very happy spider; I think it’s about to die. Either it came home in hub’s kit from where we were camping, or it was maybe in the sink overflow. Hub’s pondering putting it down the barrel of a gun, then shooting. I just smile and say, “Yes, dear”.

3 Responses to “Critters”

  1. Lyndsay Says:

    Are these things deadly? I see them a lot around my house.

    eehh. I hate spiders.

  2. Kenneth G. Cavness Says:

    I don’t know that they’re normally deadly, but they have a nasty bite. Supposedly, it rots the skin around the bite…

  3. Chris Says:

    My dad was bitten by one when he was cleaning leaves from gutters – he lost about 1/2″ of skin radially around the bite, not sure how deep – but either way a nasty bite on his thumb. It took a while to heal up. Fire away!