Aurora wow!

October 29, 2003 - 5:45 pm 4 Comments

We’re in the midst of a gigantic solar storm, and people in the most unusual places are reporting seeing the Northern Lights. Check out this photo from Houston! Boerne, about an hour south of Austin, as well as Llano, an hour west of Austin, also have reports in. I’m so jealous! The aurora is something I want to see before I die.

4 Responses to “Aurora wow!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Truly spectacular. Los Angeles is currently under cloud cover so only gray skies for us. It’s tempting to hit the road and head for the desert just to see if we could find it tonight. But then I’d have to go to work tomorrow (groan).

  2. Trey Says:

    You said Boerne!

  3. JenBen Says:

    I saw the northern lights in ALbuquerque last year (amybe it was 2 years ago). Was the wierdest thing I’d ever seen, but also the coolest. I guess I should start looking again, huh?

  4. Pie Says:

    Sadly all we ever seem to get here are clouds. Gray clouds. All year round. I really should move.