June 7, 2004 - 11:45 pm 1 Comment

I’ve been sick as a dog since we got home. Two days after we flew back I started running a 101 degree fever for a few days. Monday night I had an earache so bad that I was in tears and making comparisons to labor (which is better because at least you get a break at regular intervals). Tuesday I went to see the doc who let out a low whistle when he saw my eardrum and said it was just about perforated (I think it finally blew later that afternoon). It was leaking blood and I was about ready to stick a skewer in my ear. Since then I’ve been on major steroids and antibiotics, one of which is giving me heart palpitations, and the ringing in my ear is deafening. I really hope I recover my hearing, because this sucks. The left side is fine, but it’s like I’ve got a tinny little speaker with bad feedback on my right side. We’re making plans to go to Bulletfest in two weeks and I’m a little nervous about how loud it will be, seeing as how the kids hollering is enough to make we want to cry.

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  1. Rune Says:

    You poor dear. What a sucky homecoming. I’m holding healing thoughts for you.