Why yes, it is a pyramid referral thing

July 31, 2004 - 1:48 am Comments Off on Why yes, it is a pyramid referral thing

This is a referral pyramid thing, but people have been getting free iPods and flatscreen TVs from it. Here’s what you do. You click on the link. You sign up with a valid email address. You register and click on the eBay link, then sign up for that (it’s ok if you have another eBay account, just sign up for one) and bid on something. You can place a $1 bid on a Ferrari for all it matters.

Then you send the links out to your friends, get them to do the same. You need 5 referrals for the iPod, 8 for the TV.

Free Flatscreen TV.
Free iPod.

I’ve never ever done anything like this before and feel slightly greasy, but it’s not like I’m forcing anyone into it. But oh please please please sign up! Heh. Kidding. Do it if you like, it might be fun.

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