Brand slaves

August 22, 2004 - 2:37 pm 2 Comments

Last night we went out for ice cream. I saw two high school girls walking up – I placed them as sophomores or juniors. One girl had on a pair of $140 jeans and a $125 track jacket and was clutching a $500 Louis Vuitton wallet. The other girl kept flaunting her $500 Louis Vuitton Speedy 25. And you know what? I got mad. Really mad. What the hell possessed that girl’s parents to have them buy her all this crap and parade around in $800 dollars worth of clothes and accessories? What kind of values will that instill in her? Is she the one who has one of the Hummers in the high school parking lot?

There were girls at my high school with that particular Louis Vuitton bag, and I always wanted one. My mom refused to buy it, much like she refused to buy me the Polo shirts and $50 Calvin Klein jeans that I asked for. But you know what? As much as I hated it at the time, I’m so thankful that she did. I’m 34 years old and I still want that bag, but I’m too cheap to buy it for myself. Perhaps someday I will, but right now I think I’m pretty happy with my life the way it is now.

2 Responses to “Brand slaves”

  1. LV Luver Says:

    Hi! Sorry to be a bother,but how do you even know how much all of thier stuff cost? You must be pretty into brands too if you knew how much they were,or what they even were to look the prices up. And then again,if you don’t know much about them,they could be knockoffs right under your nose. I am the brand lover of all my friends,and I can spot knockoffs when they can’t. And I think thier parents can spend thier money however they choose. I am not trying to be rude,but its my oppenion :).

  2. addlepated Says:

    Sure they can spend their money however they choose. Me, I choose not to indulge my kids’ every whim. I can’t wait for the “You’re a mean mom!” days… zoinks.