February 11, 2005 - 1:39 am Comments Off on Nondental

Jo and I went into the dentist’s office this morning. They gave her a little cup with some Valium in it for sedation. About 5 minutes after she had it, she started feeling it; 15 minutes and she was a limp noodle lying on the waiting room couch. She starting gnawing on her hand for some reason, and I had to tell her to stop it quite a few times. They gave it a full hour to take effect, then I carried her back to the treatment room and they put on the nitrous mask and started to take x-rays. And Jo started to freak out. She didn’t want the mask, she didn’t like the flavor of the topical anesthetic, she didn’t want anyone messing with her mouth, and she was crying. The dentist said that we could either hold her down and do the crowns while she lay there and screamed, or we could wait and schedule it under general anesthesia at the hospital. You can guess what I chose. Who knows if the medical insurance will cover it or not, but especially after reading Badgerbag’s horrible heart-wrenching experience with her child at the dentist and the guilt she felt about it after, there was just no way I could make any other choice. After reading her entry about it, I walked in there with the mindset that at the first sign that Jo was not okay with what was happening, I was going to grab her and run.

I was lucky, and the dentist (Dr. Singletary in Austin) talked to me before jumping in. Then tonight around 8:30 she called us at home to make sure Jo was doing okay after having had the sedative this morning. I think she’s a keeper. Jo’s pediatrician did something similar; called us every day when Jo was in the hospital as a newborn, then called us afterwards to make sure she and we were okay. It’s stuff like that which makes parents fiercely loyal; even though her pediatrician is a 20 minute drive with no traffic, we appreciated him checking up on us so much that we don’t want to find a closer doctor. I think the same will hold true with the dentist.

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