Dream analysis

December 29, 2005 - 2:04 pm Comments Off on Dream analysis

Preface: my mother died in 1987.

I was being held captive in a school bus by an old religious freak. I wasn’t supposed to use my computer, but decided to do it anyway. My phone was almost out of batteries, and my husband (who was 12 years old and not my husband in my dream) was keeping the charger in his backpack. I went to his seat on the bus to get his charger and noticed my captor standing there with his idol, some other religious freak. I then told him off, ending with, “You are just a sad and ugly little copy of who you want to be” (meaning the other guy). I heard them talking about how to punish me as I left, but I knew that all the things I’d said to him had struck him so deeply he wouldn’t do anything.

I didn’t know who to email, now that I had my computer. Finally I settled on my mom since I hadn’t talked to her in a while. I had no idea where to even find her email address. I looked in the phone book and she just happened to be listed there in a listing of Compuserve users. Her address was melangerie101@cs.compuserve.com. I mailed her, and tried to message her, but got no response. I found her street address and went over there to try to find her but it looked like she’d just left. The radio was still on and dishes were out. I left a home-made Christmas decoration (a lamp with “MOM” carved into the post) and went away.

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