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Semi-annual driving reminder

October 3, 2003 - 2:44 am 19 Comments

Dear Austin,

I realize that sometimes traffic laws and regulations are considered optional. They are, in fact, important. Particularly the following:

ยง 545.154. Vehicle Entering or Leaving Limited-Access or Controlled-Access Highway

An operator on an access or feeder road of a limited-access or controlled-access highway shall yield the right-of-way to a vehicle entering or about to enter the access or feeder road from the highway or leaving or about to leave the access or feeder road to enter the highway.

Do you know what this means? This means that if you are on the access road, you must yield to traffic exiting the highway!

I realize that San Antonio has marked each and every highway exit with “Yield” signs on the access road, but that is because they caved in to the ignorant masses of people who don’t seem to care about the silly old law. San Antonio has spent thousands of taxpayer dollars on those signs. Austin cannot afford this. Austin doesn’t even have a proper east-west highway. Our exit ramps are built precariously close to where we need to turn. Try exiting Bee Cave Rd. off Mopac, or MLK off I35 during rush hour if you don’t understand what I mean.

I hereby issue my ultimatum. If you do not get your damned car the hell out of my way when I’m exiting the highway, I will run you down. And I drive a Suburban.

That is all.

Some people…

October 2, 2003 - 5:53 pm 2 Comments

“If you have to do that to feel good about yourself, you don’t have much going for you,” Broder says. “I feel sorry for everyone involved.”