Weekly Tweets

October 9, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • I think I had an idea. #
  • Saw a sign on the side of the road today: "NOT PREGNANT?? I can help!!" with a phone number to text. #
  • Quick, before reading time tonight – what do Mrs Who and Mrs Which sound like? Mrs Whatsit has a voice like a creaky gate, I got that down. #
  • Hey #BreakingBad could you be a little more tense, please?? 😛 #
  • Does anyone use Scrivener? Is it worth it to switch from Word/Pages? #
  • I wonder how long the City of Austin Utilities website is going to be "temporarily unavailable." Do they want to get paid or what? #
  • What is this Glitch thing all the kids are talking about? #
  • If you watched Jeopardy tonight, you watched my bestest buddy! #
  • I have no idea what made the noise, but it sounded like a giant vomited behind the house. #
  • The dog cheese with nails in it happened in Argentina, people. Quit freaking out. http://t.co/zqnRDmwM #
  • The children have gone feral. #
  • My 30+ year old Cuisinart that I inherited from my grandmother finally gave up the ghost tonight. #

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