Weekly Tweets

December 4, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • Just because I sent you one email in 2007 doesn't mean we need to be connected on LinkedIn now. #
  • Just started playing Skyrim, and was welcomed with the dulcet tones of Saul Frakking Tigh. Neat! #
  • I'm eating a turkey sandwich, because I NEVER get tired of turkey. Send me all your leftovers! #
  • Amazon accidentally sent me an autographed book. Told me to keep it. I love them. #
  • It's funny how much time I spend creating a video game character avatar that I NEVER see again. #
  • Klout says I'm influential about garlic and beer. So, how about garlic-flavored beer, huh? #
  • Sara Tidwell's lost album from Bag of Bones available for pre-order: http://t.co/0EuN4qYA #transmedia #bagofbones #
  • Stuff you might not have known about mercury poisoning (I love random factoids!): http://t.co/AlsxR6km #
  • Today's Letter from the Principal features a run-on sentence followed by a homonym misspelling. Heavy sigh. #
  • Because it's 3 in the morning and I have to quit playing this stupid game. #
  • Lazy is checking the internet to see if that's rain I hear outside. #
  • Enos the chimp's space adventure: http://t.co/cfDenNR6 #
  • The Edinburgh library paper crafter has left her last creations: http://t.co/NzEu5OBf #
  • "Sounds like you've seen you for share of hardship." <– This is why games need proofreaders. #
  • I hereby denounce unsalted butter. I say BRING ON THE SALT!! #

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