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December 11, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • Loved the new Muppet movie. *maniacal laugh* #
  • But boo on ABC for including a real phone # in the movie (877-504-8423) and not doing something with it. This is 2011, people! #transmedia #
  • Cleaning out old boxes, part 1 #infocom http://t.co/VIVqH1wv #
  • Part 2: Old games. Remember any of these? http://t.co/3kcfochF #
  • My first home computer floppy. Dated 1984. http://t.co/YxrxBPfi #
  • Sigh, Dexter featured a phone number in tonight's episode that doesn't do anything, either. Missing the boat, people! #transmedia #
  • Wow, it's really raining out there. That's awesome! #
  • "I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow in the knee." RIP Mr. Guard: http://t.co/sIcSUCqN #skyrim #
  • R.I.P Colonel Potter. #mash #
  • Dear Twitter: If you're going to force all links to go through t.co, at least keep the service running well. #
  • The Xbox progress bars annoy me. They're 3D until they start to fill up, then they turn flat and green? What designer came up with that? #
  • I just figured out why all the homes in Skyrim have cast iron pots in the end tables next to the beds. Ew. #
  • My #transmedia experience level is 'Transmedia Practitioner'. I am 58% transmedia pure! #transmediapuritytest http://t.co/P8VKKjXA #
  • I still miss the 2008 intense blueberry Haraar. #
  • Baby can you dig your man? (He's a righteous man.) #
  • Experience the existential despair of Peanuts without their last panel: 3eanuts! http://t.co/uaVdzZ2G #
  • Nine Inch Noels: http://t.co/v5sNurQT /via @baconator #

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