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December 18, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • My cats polished off 2 slices of almond pound cake last night. Thought it was the dogs, but 1 of the cats just went back for a stashed bit. #
  • Hey Mike Noonan: My life for you! Bumpty bumpty bump! #bagofbones #geekout #
  • Bag of Bones part one verdict: I liked it! #
  • I need a swig of some strong dwarrrven ale. #
  • Had a lucid dream last night where I knew I was dreaming and was consciously trying to change things. V. strange. #
  • Dear Words With Friends: Thanks for updating 90 files when I'm not on a wifi network. That's good for my cell bill! #
  • Let this 1986 performance of The Cure – Forest melt your face off: http://t.co/5r3ofpSL #
  • Holy Whomping Willow! #bagofbones #
  • Am sore from two days of shopping. Too old for this. Online shopping from now on! #
  • This rented Nissan has some bizarrely improbable iPod cable connector. Bet the cable costs $50. Have they not heard of USB? #
  • I can't watch Tron Legacy without wanting to do lots of work RIGHT NOW. /cc @andrhia #
  • Now it can be told: I was the Puzzle Master for DarkScoreStories.com and thrilled to work on a Stephen King property! http://t.co/CR7rPzOi #
  • 7th Guest for iPhone! Woo! Here I come, Stauf! #
  • 130 kids in the 6th grade. 38 of them had Uggs on. Wow. #
  • Remember the "Snow White" email virus? Good times, good times. #
  • Why games need real writers, part 2: "I've never admitted this, but I've killed more people than I care to admit." #
  • I have officially dropped four dress sizes this year. W00t! #
  • So Pinterest… it's like Twitter with pictures? #
  • 30 things to stop doing to yourself: http://t.co/HXtDu3kS #
  • Alternatives to water for your Neti pot liquid: http://t.co/tGvfKfRk #
  • Curved. Swords. #
  • Peppermint bark making time. Nom. #
  • I am really confused by this Amazon product picture. http://t.co/TyYNk0fl #
  • Peppermint bark update: Apparently cocoa butter can go rancid. If your white chocolate says "Best by 2008," believe it. #yuck #

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