Time to fall over

September 21, 2003 - 11:27 pm Comments Off on Time to fall over

It’s been a crazy week.

We had been completely dead all summer, business-wise. Nobody was calling in, and we were starting to get worried. One of our usual clients called last week, and so hub went out there from 10-7 on Tuesday, then I went from 1-7 or so on Wednesday and Thursday, then hub went back again from 8:30-11 on Friday. And I’ve got to go back this week.

We left for the ranch on Friday afternoon, detouring at the Sprint Store because I was unable to get to the Wireless Web and customer service told me to go exchange my phone, and I called the south store to doublecheck they had them in stock, which they verified and told me to come on in. When I got there, they not only refused to exchange my phone (they had them in stock to sell, not to exchange), but they couldn’t be bothered to apologize for whoever screwed up and told me I could, and then when I told them I was really mad they said I was free to take my business elsewhere. I called Customer Retention because they’re the people who bend over backwards to keep you from ditching Sprint, and they told me my account was not highly valued enough to bother with. I guess because I’m the add-a-phone to hub’s account, and my fee is $10/month. So not only did someone lie to me, but they also told me my business wasn’t valued. Nice! Way to go, Sprint, I will not be buying my new $500 Treo from you, and you’ll lose our $1000+/year when we switch to T-Mobile.

By this point I was furiously upset and starving, since I’d forgotten to eat with all the excitement. We hit the road and got to the ranch around 10:30, kids in tow. Not a one of us slept well the whole weekend and on the way home tonight I kept smacking hub, who looked like he was on the verge of nodding off at the wheel.

Dove season opened on Saturday. We were very excited about hunting that evening. Then it rained, and rained, and rained some more. Undaunted, we packed the kids and gear into the car and drove to the tank, set up a video, and took positions near the car. I took charge of Kona, who had never been hunting before, and put the loop of her leash around the foot of my seat. Someone called over to me that I had a bird passing by, and even though it was too far away I took a shot. I turned around, and suddenly my chair was around 10 feet away from me and the dog was just a brown streak heading to the car. She’s terribly gunshy. We will have to work on that.

At this point, a mosquito flew into the car with the kids and all hell broke loose. Jo has a Fear of Bugs, and started screaming, which scared Caroline, who started howling. Hub tried to calm then down but couldn’t, and when I arrived on scene we had two children with tears and snot running down their faces, in “huh! huh! huh! huh!” hysterics.

So much for hunting.

My cousin asked us down for next weekend. We’ve already arranged for the kids to have visit with their grandparents.

In the meantime if anyone knows of a good alternate set of ATI drivers for MacOS 9.2.2 (ATI Resource Manager kills Quark, and without it windows draw so slowly that my client gets seasick), I’m open to suggestions.

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