September 30, 2003 - 5:33 pm 4 Comments

Sometimes the voices make me want to burn things. Especially after watching something like this.

4 Responses to “Badgers”

  1. Rune Says:

    WTF???!!!! I feel an urge to do calisthenics now. I’ll get right to it, after I wring this badger’s neck.

  2. Pie Says:

    Hehe Gotta love Weebl. You should check out his Weebl & Bob animations – they’re all about pie =)

  3. m. Says:

    fucking a. does it ever stop??

    the little badgers are so cute, though! it makes me want to bounce. wish i had a trampoline.

    i am scared to turn it off for fear i will miss a big finish or something… it’s been running for about five minutes now.

  4. m. Says:

    it’s still going. but i noticed that after playing for several minutes, the cartoon and music get out of sync a little bit.

    fortunately you can just refresh and it will be all nicely timed again. yes, i refreshed it. i have no life.